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Hair Stylist

GloBody’s exclusive solution is only available to GloBody Gurus. 

Solution uses natural and

organic ingredients for a

safe alternative to tanning.

It is vegan, paraben free, cruelty free and gluten free.

Globody Spray Tans are available in 4 shades to best suit your skin tone and achieve your desired results. 

Your prep spray and spray tan will be applied by hand to ensure an even, beautiful glo.

WinterGlo: 6.5% DHA

This is a beautiful color for those who are fair skinned, looking for just a hint of color.

NaturalGlo: 8.5% DHA

This is a gorgeous, natural color ~ great for clients with lighter skin, that want a tanned, natural look.

CelebrityGlo: 10.5% DHA

This is our most popular shade!

Great for going on vacation, summertime, or a special event.

BrazilianGlo: 12.5% DHA

This gorgeous glo is the perfect shade for olive skin tones and African American clients.   

Globody Spray Tan Primer

Exclusive to globody spray tans is this incredibly refreshing product that will help prime the skin surface to receive the spray tanning solution. Our prep spray will remove oils, makeup, deodorant, sweat residue, film from exfoliation scrubs and the film left by razors with moisturizing strips.

This is an essential step in your tan to better prepare the skin canvas to absorb the tan evenly, to balance the pH levels of your skin, and remove any residue that might prevent the tanning solution from achieving an even, beautiful color.


* Bride & Bridal Party (Recommended - 48 Hours

in advance.)

Email skbeautypro@gmail.com

for special wedding party rates

* Prom

* Pageant

* Fitness Competition

* Prior to Vacation

* Anytime you want a

gorgeous glo!

To book at time outside of these hours, schedule a Spray Tan Party, or with any other questions regarding Spray Tanning with Samantha Koch Beauty, please submit inquiries within the contact form below:

By appointment only.



* Spray Tan (Any Shade) plus Primer - $52

* Spray Tan with purchase of

GloBody Product - $42

* Book a Spray Tan Party - Minimum of 5 participants

(1 Hostess, 4 Guests) -

Hostess Tan is FREE

Email gloprodenver@gmail.com

to book a party.